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A Gastronomical Experience


Located a little further from the KFC-Indiranagar and towards the Old Madras Road, Toit needs absolutely no introduction from any person. It is perhaps every beer guzzler's paradise. But Toit has a lot more to offer than their well crafted signature ales.


To start with i'd like to bring your attention to the encyclopedia of food that they call menu at Toit. The menu at Toit is nothing short of an encyclopedia on food and I'd be surprised if you wouldn't get confused about what to order when you sit at the table.


Signature Ales


Toit is best known for the signature ales that are served here and if you are visiting for the first time, trying out the sampler is a must. Every person has their own opinion of the fine ales served at Toit. So form your own opinion on arrival and savor the sampler to check what you like. Here's a brief note on each of the samplers.


Basmati Blonde - Fine blend with subtle hints of Basmati. It's hard to miss the signature taste of Basmati rice when you taste this brew. The Ale is has a light body and is slightly creamy.


Tin Tin Toit - This one is my favorite and is full of flavors. If you taste it carefully, you'd notice slight hints of orange and some refreshing herbs. The ale is quite creamy, has a light body and goes well with grilled or fried meats.


Toit Weiss - Toit Weiss has a slightly overwhelming flavor of spices. Has a slightly medium body compared to the Basmati Blonde or Tin Tin Toit. This one would go down well with sea food.


Toit Red - As the name suggests is a Red Irish Ale. Has an almost full body and contains an overwhelming flavor emanating from the hops. A perfect choice for sea food and pizza


Colonial Toit - A slightly darker variant of Toit Red, has a powerful flavor from the hops. A perfect combination to wash down anything spicy


Dark Knight - Dark Knight is also a favorite of mine. It isn't as powerful as other dark ales and contains a soothing aroma from coffee and chocolate. It is very creamy as a good stout should be and has a full body. Goes well with literally anything especially pork and an assortment of meats.


The only thing that makes me feel slightly bad is that the ales aren't as creamy as they ought to be but that's not something to complain about in a city like Bangalore where half of the pubs serve flat beer in the name of draught beer.




The food at Toit is simply superb and nothing short of taking you to the gastronomical cloud 9. The pizzas served at Toit are an absolute delight. The Jamaica Maan is one of the best along with the Pepperoni pizza. Every pizza has plenty to munch, nibble and gobble. The toppings are generous the pizzas are full of flavor and are sure to make you hate every other pizza joint in the city. Right from the first sniff to the last bite you are guaranteed to have a finger licking experience.


The only thing that was a slight disappointment was the Scotch Eggs. It wasn't quite what I expected and the eggs looked nothing like how scotch eggs are supposed to. But technically nothing is wrong with the dish as the egs are soft boiled in a way that the white has been set and the yolk has just begun to set. So the yolk will ooze out easily and you don't have to worry about the messy shell too. The mashed potato tastes good with the gravy and the bell peppers simply add to the ocean of flavors. So the only disappointment is that the scotch eggs they serve at Toit aren't what you'd call scotch eggs in the traditional sense. Scotch eggs in the traditional sense are prepared with bread crumbs, sausage meat and flour which were nowhere to be seen.


There's nothing to complain about the service, it is definitely among the best in the city and the fact that Toit is among the handful of places in Bangalore that are pet friendly. This was enough to win me over. So full points in the service department. The same goes to the Ambience, althouth you may find the ground flour to be a bit cluttered.


Food - 4/5


Drink - 4.5/5


Service - 5/5


VFM - 4.5/5 (Yes it is expensive but every penny you spend is absolutely worth it)
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Pooja M

You write really well! Keep them coming :)

Marian D'souza

Thanks Pooja...