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The Fatty Bao


There are many bars/lounges in the city of Bangalore ,so much so that when a new one emerges you start evaluating the reasons on why you should visit the new one besides the fact that it will be the talk of the town for a while based on how it fares in terms of service/food/ambience. For me , I totally agree and feel like the character Theo from "Her" where he says, "Sometimes I think I have felt everything I'm ever gonna feel. And from here on out, I'm not gonna feel anything new. Just lesser versions of what I've already felt" . There were umpteen number of times I was presented with the opportunity to experiment with Fatty Bao but somehow I always managed to not go. Last Thursday it was finally time!





Located on the 12 th Main off the 80 Feet road right above Monkey Bar.


Very easy to find. Parking could be a a menace considering the place is very residential.





For a place that boasts Oriental Cuisine, this one does surprise you a tad bit . Well It definitely is not an unpleasant one.


Panda Wall paintings and quirky pictures are what one can find here. The colours chosen are very pleasing ,especially in a dim lit setting.Charming is what would come to my mind if one were to ask me on how I would describe the setting. The "unfinished" look of the ceilings is what surprises you .





To kick start the night we chose two Sangrias, Green Apple and Basil and a Seven Spiced Sangria.


Being late, we dived directly into main course. I chose the "Malaysian Kapitan Chicken curry" while my friend chose the "Grilled Seafood with Black Pepper ramen and crispy prawn head".



The Green Apple and Basil was crisp and refreshing. The noticeable acidity from the Chardonnay and mild sweetness of the green apple and the gentleness of the Basil made it a great drink.


The Seven spiced Sangria fell slightly short as opposed to the former. The cinnamon ,cloves ,ground allspice, orange zest and the orange slices made it very flavorful.


I had no idea on what was about to be presented before me when I ordered for the Malaysian curry.


It took me a moment to actually realize when Woringam (the wait staff) made an appearance with the platter with a large smile plastered on his face .The platter constituted of "Peanuts" , "Fried Onion" , "Chutney" , "Rice Papad" , the curry and steamed rice .


I was overwhelmed by the flavor of the curry .The Lemon added an extra zing to what was otherwise an excellent curry.


I salivate as I write this review for that is the extent to which I enjoyed the dish. The condiments gave the whole dish the finesse it required.



The Ramen was delicious. It was a sea food fiesta in terms of flavours. My friend seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.


Th seasoning was perfect. The dish was gratifying.



After what was a very heavy meal we settled to share a dessert and chose the Chocolate Fondant with Wasabi ice cream .


As mentioned in the menu , the dessert made its way in exactly 12 minutes.OCD 's die hard . Evaluation of time is one such OCD that may make me seem like a cray cray. The presentation could do with some work . The moment I dug into the fondant the chocolate and the caramel tucked in the pudding made its way out and ensured to cast a spell on us. We ate and giggled like little kids upto mischief .





Our guide for the night was the cheerful Woringam. From the moment we entered right to our exit he ensured we were satisfied.The feeling of being served at home was instilled because of this vivacious chap! Scaling up the spiciness , getting our dessert on time , Prodding to get our dish replaced if not liked by either of us , Willing to talk on the restaurant and the management . He was one of the reasons I enjoyed my visit. He also gave us the space that we needed . Perfect service is very hard to achieve. There is a very thin line of being a perfect assist or a crazy obsessed EX who will try anything to please you. Woringam fortunately knew the line! ;)



The bucks :


A meal for two with drinks and dessert will easily be around 2.5 K ( Inclusive of taxes) . Pricey yes but was worth it!





A perfect spot to dine with friends or for a romantic night i.e. if your date enjoys loud music ;)


I thinkFatty Bao deserves all the acclaim that it's been receiving. I for one will most definitely recommend!



On a scale of satisfaction the places scores an 8.



Bon app├ętit *Julia Child style*
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Comments  (5)

Lalitha Anil

Wonderful review! It is on my wishlist now.

Soundarya S

Nice review. Also looks bigger than all my 10 reviews combined :)

Pruthvi Kattaya

@soundaryas don't be disheartened...

Soundarya S

@pruthvikattaya im not

Poornima Balakrishnan

Thanks Guys! :)
@soundaryas :) haha!