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Priya Niren





Shiro was our choice for the Restaurant Week held last month in Bangalore, primarily because of the wider menu that it had to offer. Weekends slots at these much talked about places are always difficult to come by and we managed to get one for 9.30 pm with great difficulty.


As we were ushered in by the courteous and smiling staff, I couldnt help but admire the huge Buddha statue and miniature ones all over the place. Places at UB City are obviously chic and classy, but Shiro stands out in terms of ambiance.


The place was full, being a Sat evening.


Among soups, I chose the Miso and the others on the table had the Lemongrass Chicken Soup and the Chinese Hot n Sour Soup. I dint like the Miso .Everyone seemed to be relishing the Lemongrass Chicken Soup which appeared to be the clear winner there.


Among the starters, we had the Lettuce Wraps, Tofu in Mahtani Sauce, Broccoli and Corn Dimsums and another non vegetarian dish which I dont recollect. While none of the dishes really stood out, the dimsums were simply amazing.


I must say we were a bit dejected looking at the actual menu of the restaurant which seemed much better than the set menu. So, the group very enthusiastically went ahead and ordered the Veg and Non Veg Sushi platter apart from the set menu option. The order took more than half an hour to arrive and by then we were quite stuffed with the rest of the main course. I had tasted sushi for the first time and was still getting my palate used to it. The rest seemed to claim that they have had better ones earlier.



The main course options were served along with a portion of the veg/non veg salad and the Japanese Sticky Rice. The vegetarians at the table dint seem to be having a gala time with their choice of the Stir Fried Beans and the Chinese Mustard based gravy. The meat eaters found solace in their chicken gravy though.



Dessert selection on the RWI menu was limited - coconut and pecan tart and the mascarpone cheesecake. The tart was just about ok, and the cheesecake dint go down well with my palate. Too crunchy instead of being creamy, also the chocolate flavor dint do justice to the cheesecake.



The service was too slow throughout the meal, could have been better for an upscale restaurant. The bill was close to 7k(all inclusive) for the entire meal for 5 of us with 1 drink which is definitely steep despite the RWI week charges. The sushi platters made up almost 2-2.5k of the bill.



Keeping the uber cool feel of the place aside, I personally dont recollect my first culinary experience at Shiro to be OTT. The rest muttered "Oh it was simply amazing the last time" and thats when I secretly hoped that I would get here for an alacarte someday.
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