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Soundarya S



Richies Rahhams


I have been searching for a joint which serves authentic Biryani and trying out several places in Bangalore. Richies Rahhams was introduced to me during this Biryani quest and I had taken one of my friend and gone there for a weekend dinner. The ambiance is OK and decent, nothing much to say here.


We started with Mutton chops and Chandini chicken kabab, both were awesome, definitely a must try.


We then moved on to Mutton Biryani and Wow!!! That's what I said when I had the first bite and it truly deserves a thumbs up. Honestly this is the best biryani I have tasted in any restaurant in Bangalore. The Biryani is high on flavour and great on taste. The meat was so tender and tasted delicious, the quantity was filling and had a lot of mutton pieces.


Go for the Mutton Biryani, Mutton chops and Chandini chicken kabab you will not be disappointed.


If you want to go for something else on the menu you could also try their, Sholay Kebab and Brain fry masala


All the mutton dishes tastes really good and what I love is that their mutton is soft, succulent and always cooked to perfection.


Service was good enough. Polite and quick response! A must visit place for biryani lovers and a visit to this place will surely satisfy your craving for good biriyani.
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Comments  (3)

Syed Sagheer

Indeed, its one of the few remaining places which retain the taste of Original bangalore biryani!

Nitin Hajela

Well , You can say authentic Bangalore style Biryani !!
Though most famous Biryanis in India are the awadh Lucknow Biryani and the spicy Hyderbad Biryani.
Regionally they are authentic too. :) Thanks

Pradeep Rajkumar

Dear Soundarya-Nice and Perfect review including the spice specification.. I admire your work...