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Ministry of Food - Hilton Bangalore


This happens to be my first review being shared on the 'TownTrendz'. Its quite exciting for me as I feel that this portal has many cool features which other don't have. And somehow the folks here seem to be approachable and open to sharing the thoughts.



Well, I would say the best place to go for a quiet afternoon lunch. Which is what I exactly did to celebrate one of the family occasion, birthday to be precise.



When you talk of start-hotel, there is always this aura of poshness, style and the undeniable 'ATTITUDE'. But, I think this is totally away in the last work I used coz the place and the people are very sweet. Hilton for folks who visited in US, like myself, is a great place to stay and the restaurants that they have equally good. I have stayed in 3-4 of the Hilton Hotels in US and have enjoyed it thoroughly.



As I was celebrating birthday, I made a call to the Hilton folks and asked them for a place to have lunch. They suggested 'Ministry of Food'. Firstly the name is quite unique in itself. The Ritz have something like 'The Market', Royal Orchid has 'Limelight', Leela Palace also has 'Limelight' or 'Jamwvar' or something like that. I told that it was the birthday so they made told that they would do something special.


In terms of food they told that the buffet is served only 5 days a week and it was sunday.



Best part of the place is that its in the EGL campus that quite interiors facing the Golf Course. As you go inside the place you get this peaceful feeling. It does not have that exquisite entrance but yes would say that its perfectly done.



As I go inside I noticed that the 'Ministry of Food' is just next to the Swimming pool, a biggie big pool, its perfect. The restaurant was relative empty as it was a weekend since they cater to mostly the business crowd.



The manager gave 2 menus - Bar & Food menu. Bar menu, I would say is not too huge but yes its decent enough and they offer all the varieties of cocktails. The manager suggested me - Margarita or Cosmopolitan. I was not a fan of Vodka based drink so ended up taking Margarita.


The drink was pretty okay, not very great. But the manager did something good, he prepared another one as I felt that the Tequilla strength never came up. That is really good, which mean that the person caters to customer needs.



Mocktail options are pretty limited. I think smoothie is a better option if you wanna drink. Especially the Strawberry Smoothi.



In terms of food,since I wanted to try the 4-course meal. Went with the 'Minstrone Veg soup', was pretty good. Came along with noodles in it and ofcourse they served the bread-sticks and focaccia break which were equally good.



For the starters, I wanted to try the 'North Indian' delicacy 'Paneer' and must say it did not disappoint a bit. It was soft and rightly mixed with spices, just loved it.



In the main course, since I wanted to try something different went with the 'Mushroom curry' which was simply awesome. I must say the grave was milk/cream/coconut based but was yummy and finger licking. Took this along with 'Onion Kulcha' which was the perfect combination.


Since I am big fan of 'raita', took the mixed veg raita, which I thought was sufficient but then the manager came us and told that he would additional complimentary as the quantity was quite less. I felt good that the also thought of that :)



Then came the turn for 'Veg Biryani' which was also superb and I enjoyed the flavour and smell of it.


Along with that 'Biryani gravy' was served, gave me a feel of the 'Hyderabadi Biryani' :)



Well, it was done here. The manager was quite sweet in giving us complimentary deserts - one I remember was 'Choco Mouse' and another was some cream based cake.


And then they had made a special cake for us to celebrate birthday. Must say all the items in desert section were complimentary :)



Overall, the feel of restaurant was really good. The ambience is surely superb and so is the food.


I would love to visit the place again and enjoy some good food there.


May be the next time I would visit the other restaurant there which looked pretty good themselves.


My rating for this restaurant go upto 4.5 but then then I would be simply overrating. The next visit might help in taking this higher.


Rating in other departments are as follows -


Food - 4.25/5


Drinks - 4.0/5


Ambience - 4.25/5


Service - 4.25/5
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Comments  (5)

Nischita katte

This could be the biggest review written here so far...

Marian D'souza

Yes definitely the biggest..

Nameesh Rajamane

Nischita Katte.....hope u enjoyed reading the long review coz usually i do spent time writing the experience :)

Nameesh Rajamane

Marian....U as well, hws it ?

Marian D'souza

Yes @nameeshrajamane I went there after reading your review....