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Suhas Padil





I wanted to visit Loft 38 since some time and when TownTrendz invited me for a foodie meet, here was my chance! 100 feet road in indiranagar has a few elite pubs, among which Loft 38 stands out for its panache. The huge stucture of the building and the glowing pink light gets ones attention quick.



Ambiance: The place is spread across three storeys, with a central deck and high-ceiling, giving it a light and airy feel. The place also has a woody, rustic appeal to it.



Food: I had mojito, caiproska and pina colada to drink. Mojito was well made. Lime and mint muddled at the bottom, topped with crushed ice, liberally poured white rum, made for a perfect mojito. Caiproska came with lime, brown sugar and white rum. Pinacolada was well balanced. All these tropical cocktails make a perfect recipe to unwind on a sunny day!



In starters i tried, Grilled cottage cheese, which is paneer stuffed with apricot and chili salsa. It was perfectly grilled, rightly spiced and paneer was still tender.



Spicy falafel was crispy on the outside while in the inside the chickpeas were coarsely ground, making for a texture unique for a falafel. It was served with pita bread.



Teriyaki chicken felt tad undercooked for me, but other pieces in the plate didnt have that issue.



Lamb kibbeh was a winner for me. Meat was minced to fine and mixed with a delicate combination of spices, making for a perfect kibbeh. It was again served with pita bread.



Vietnamese beef balls was again an excellent starter. Minced beef balls cooked just right and served with a sweet and spicy ginger-garlic sauce, made for a playful combination of flavors.



Pulled pork stuffed inside miniature buns were again a hit among us. The plate was emptied in no time.



After being stuffed with starters and never-ending relay of cocktails, we came to main course. Thai yellow chicken curry served with rice was a let down for me. The flavors in the curry were off balance. Sea bass served with pan tossed sweet potato felt overcooked to me.



Jerk marinated chicken breast was again a winner! The Caribbean styled spice rub on a perfectly grilled chicken which was served on a bed of mashed potato and grilled vegetables. Each part was well executed, be it chicken or the mashed potato.



Next came the desserts. I was stuffed by now and thought I shall take one bite, just to taste it. But the Philadelphia cheese cake was so good, i cleaned off the whole plate!



The service was swift and always attentive.



Loft 38 boasts a menu with a wide range, pan-asian, middle-eastern, european etc. This is a lot to ask!! But all the dishes were decent if not excellent. The cocktails menu too is wide spread. All these, make Loft 38 like-able to most.
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Nitin Hajela

Nice crisp review !!

Suhas Padil

Thank you!!

Marian D'souza

Nice one Suhas...you managed to sum up the whole experience quite well...

Suhas Padil

Thank you!