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Debolina Ray



Bierre Republic


Recent Visit:


My recent visit to BR was in a foodie meetup, where I far from impressed. The service was slow, and slackened. When I asked about cocktails, our server actually told me that they have orange, mango or something, and they can mix with vodka or run. I was surprised they didn't usher me into the bar to make my own drink!



Well in their defense they had another party happening there, and all of it seemed like a lot to handle. Our food service was slow. Some things we asked for never came, and the main course is best left unmentioned. Tsk tsk. I am giving them 3 reflecting on my prior experience which was way way better.



First Visit:


So when Bangalore finally got out of its Cinderella Syndrome, that’s the weekend, I headed to Bierre Republic. I have had it on my wish list for a while. Well ever since the manager reached out inviting me to check out the place. The place is located on Church Street near the Levis Square. Thankfully, that building has parking, so you wouldn’t kill yourself looking for a parking spot in that area! I had reserved in prior, but given the Friday night traffic, I reached almost an hour late. But the hosts were gracious, and ushered us in, and offered us a selection of seats. It had begun drizzling, but we still wanted to sit out. The place is very nice and spacious. There were 2 swinging seats, unfortunately occupied, or I would have picked that for sure! The huts were nice and spacious as well. We picked that. Good thing they had umbrellas to get me across. These are all around a big square with a stage set up in the end. There is also another seating area which is completely shaded, but still on the terrace. The entire space is big and airy, and is really nice to hang out.


We sat down, and ordered a tower (= 2 pitchers), and started off with Chicken Nachos. Now a lot of people will claim that chicken is probably not the best combination with nachos. And a lot of places probably prove them right. This is an exception. We loved the blend of chicken, cheese and the crispy fresh nachos. Well done! I am usually a fan of well made pizzas, and we decided to start with the Barbeque Chicken Pizza. It was a tad spicy for our European friend, with bell peppers and red onions, but it was very well made. Soft, too soft almost. Cheesy. The beer was nice and fresh, and got over quickly. And another pitcher came on board. The second pizza wasn’t such a delightful one; the Pema Chicken, probably because it had too many veggies in the pizza!


We wanted to go to another place after, so we kind of split around 11. The fare was a nice surprise, not too expensive considering our orders! I will definitely go back to the place, and enjoy the wonderful weather in the comfortable ambience.
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